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New Cleaning Protocol

with enhanced procedures and guidance on how to prevent COVID-19 in our escape rooms.

We have been closely monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19 and understand the concerns. The health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. Following guidelines from trusted sources, we are taking comprehensive measures to keep our escape rooms clean and ensure that our facilities remain safe.

We are confident that we are taking the appropriate steps, as detailed below, and will continue to offer you an unforgettable gaming experience.

Enhanced safety
& cleaning policies

At this location, we offer both public and private games. Choose private if you wish to play only with your friends or people you know.

We provide hand sanitizers throughout our facilities for you to use at your discretion. Disposable gloves are also available upon request.

At our Las Vegas location, we follow local guidance. If masks are mandated within the city, we will require you to wear one too--covering your nose and mouth at all times. Otherwise, masks are not required. You can check up-to-date guidelines here.

We sanitize the escape rooms after each game, paying special attention to high-touch surfaces. Your room will be thoroughly disinfected prior to your game.

At our Las Vegas location, we do accept cash and touchless payment. However, to expedite the process, we encourage you to pay ahead of time online. Additional charges can be paid via credit card at the door.

We are flexible with rescheduling.
If you or any member of your party is not feeling well, please don't visit and contact us ahead of time.
Plan to come when everyone is well.

We are open for customer feedback.
Please report any health, safety, or cleanliness concerns to our management in a timely manner.