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Give the gift of FUN!


Step into a real-life mystery. Solve brainteasers. Beat technology at its own game. Can you escape the labyrinth? At any PanIQ escape room, the décor, the theme, the service, and the story will have you lost inside of a game.

Our European escape room model immerses people completely into the game. Each and every room is fully decked out. All games are private. The high-tech rooms keep our gamers captivated. Customer service is our priority. Keeping clients mesmerized is our first concern.

It's exactly this service that has made PanIQ so successful.

PanIQ opened its first escape room in Hungary in 2012 with one goal in mind – to continuously create new experiences that keep patrons excited.

Since then, the company has been expanding all over the world, opening its first US location in 2014. Today, PanIQ has become the escape room brand with the most franchises in the United States, and we aren’t stopping there.

PanIQ Escape Rooms is committed to providing games, tech, and stories that are updated regularly for customers — we want to be sure we keep you on your toes. As a result, we have opened locations in Hollywood, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Miami, with locations in Austin, Atlanta and the Vegas Strip coming soon! And with new units opening in the Bahamas, Sweden, France, and Pakistan, PanIQ is taking over the world!

What We Do

Escape rooms are being embraced all over the world – making their way through Asia and Eastern Europe before landing in the US to overwhelmingly positive responses.

Get lost in a different world. Have a new experience. See how your friends perform under pressure. Watch as your staff learns to work as a team. Learn something new about your significant other.

PanIQ's highly decorated and themed rooms make you forget where you are, sending you on an adventure that will astound your senses – all in 60 minutes. With technologically advanced next-generation escape rooms, PanIQ is the escape room company that constantly evolves to keep clients on their toes.

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Team Building

Thousands of companies every year look for fun ways to encourage and stimulate their employees. The nature of the escape room game is perfect for corporate team-building activities. Ideal for any industry, employees must work together to solve problems, creating a whole new synergy that goes back to the workplace. When any team is placed inside of an escape room, they have to rely on each other's unique skills and talents in order to escape.

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Our Vision

PanIQ aspires to be the gold standard for escape rooms worldwide. As a company, PanIQ is proud of the ability to evolve and expand along with their clientele. With the popularity of escape rooms skyrocketing, PanIQ will continue to lead the industry by adopting new technology, theories, and puzzles that will keep players coming back.

Media Spotlight

More About Hungary

Hungary is one of the oldest countries in Europe, with breathtaking architecture and an incredibly rich history. It was once one of the largest and richest kingdoms in Europe, attracting people from all over the world!

Hungarians are famous for their intelligence and creativity. A number of world-renowned musicians call Hungary home. Producing 13 Nobel Prize winners, Hungary has laureates in almost every category. It's no wonder that escape rooms in Europe first took off here!

Now, Hungary is known for its exciting nightlife, delicious food, and hot springs (with at least 1,500 spas). Every day, people come from every corner of the world to experience Hungary's history and beauty.

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